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Mundohelado is a consulting and development company for projects and investments in various business fields.

Managing small- and large-scale opportunities in this evolving and creative world means knowing the current trends in different markets, and above all anticipating the opinions of this world and instilling in consumers a dependency on new trends by creating emerging markets. For this task, it is necessary to have the vision that is capable of detecting the possibilities offered by markets, and this capability comes from extensive specialisation, which is something that our consulting department has and at which it is skilled.

We accept small and large challenges, and we master the market studies that may be necessary in order to successfully complete a project. The spectrum of our work covers almost all areas in the business world, although we specialise in food lines. We have executed projects in various countries. Our clients are first on our priority list, and therefore their success is our success. Their projects and their business are our projects and business. We resolve any problem that may arise during the execution of projects and investments, thereby relieving our clients from any need to be concerned. The problems that could be posed by a project or business matter are ours, not theirs. We dream, experience and delight in your projects.

We offer you the following:

• The execution of in-depth market studies in order to assure the success of the tasks that we are given.

• The development of project growth curves and forecasting of possible curve fluctuations over time.

• Planning for the possible inclusion of different emerging markets in commodities exchanges.

• The development of the necessary advertising and marketing campaigns for the evolution and sale of existing businesses.

• The design of new markets, thereby creating the need for the same in modern consumer society.
• Personalised attention.

• We get close to the country where the client is located.

Wherefore, we know that this is the time to rely on us for whatever you may need, to make your dreams a reality, to keep your firm or to sell your company.
We are waiting for you and we wish you the best.


TEL: 0034 972 773 068
FAX: 0034 972 776 014

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